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A comprehensive training program … just for drummers who want to go to the next level...

  • How to play drums by ear
  • How to get the most out of your practice time
  • Hand and foot techniques
  • Drum rudiments & Drum fills
  • Learning songs ... fast and effective
  • Drum setup and body mechanics
  • Drum tuning and cymbal selection
  • How to build endurance and speed in your feet and hands
  • All musical styles: rock, county, jazz, r&b, latin, reggae, gospel … you name it
  • How to play drums with a band
  • How to play dynamically
    ... and so much more than we have space to show you here.

Unleash your potential … and overcome the things that have stopped you in the past.

  • Learn to play the drums at your own pace. You can relax and take the time you need to understand and learn.
  • Save thousands over conventional drum lessons.
  • The guide itself is broken down very simply, with every chapter you learn more and more about what is necessary to be a successful drummer.
  • All the necessary information, and it's not too sparse or too thick, for anyone who wants to get started in drumming.
  • Learn to play in an effective and efficient … and proven system.

Don’t believe you can learn to play drums or improve your drumming?
You CAN.

  • Many people believe that ... "I'm just too old"
    DON'T believe it. Playing music is fun and relaxing at any age.
  • Many people believe that ... "I've not played my drums in 25 years". You will be amazed at how fast you pick it up again ...
  • Many people believe that ...
    "I can't really learn to play drums without direct instruction from a teacher."
  • Of course, there's no arguing that the best way to learn is from a teacher But that may not be possible (or affordable) for everyone.
  • ... AND, it never hurts to have instruction and reading material from many unique styles and points of view.

Playing drums is not something most of us are born with, it is something you can learn how to do. And even if you have struggled with learning to play in the past, it is something you can improve … given the right teacher and environment. Dramatically improving your drumming requires that you learn a set of strategies and principles --- taught through practical exercise and step-by-step training.

Learning to play the drums is no mystery. People have been learning to play for thousands of years … and now you can too. We have methods and programs that will help you become the drummer you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Imagine setting up and jamming with your friends. Imagine playing your first party or gig. Are you smiling yet? You should be if you really want this to happen. It will happen … if you get started ... Click Here to Get Your FREE Drum Lesson Quick Start Guide!
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